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Did You Lose A Loved One In An Accident?

No amount of money damages can bring back to life a loved one who suffered fatal injuries in an accident. But the outcome of your family’s wrongful death claim can send the strongest of messages to negligent people who cause fatal accidents, offer emotional closure, and give you the resources to resume your life.

Who provides this highest level of solid, sensitive advocacy at this low point in your life? In greater Indianapolis, the answer to that question is Jason A. Shartzer, founder of the Shartzer Law Firm, LLC.

Jason’s many years in the practice of respectful, responsive wrongful death representation have achieved justice for a great many families mourning the untimely, tragic deaths of relatives. He pursues accident investigation, negotiations with insurers and litigation against them with equal abandon. His tradition of close personal service can be a comfort to you in a time of need.

Jason’s practice is marked by a hard-earned reputation for persuasive negotiation techniques during settlement discussions with insurance companies. Insurers know he is never afraid to take cases to court, a strategy that could prove costly to their financial bottom line. His tactics guarantee that your case will be taken seriously, and your rights will be protected.

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“Fighting The Good Fight” For More Than 15 Years

Our quality legal services are marked by aggressiveness at trial if needed, while privately showing the utmost respect for your fragile emotions after a loved one has died in a/an:

  • Car crash

  • Commercial truck accident

  • SUV accident

  • Bicycle or pedestrian accident

  • Fatal motorcycle accident

  • Accidents caused by negligent drivers of enormous commercial vehicles

  • Distracted driving and drunk driving accidents

  • Hit-and-run accidents

  • Accidents caused by uninsured and underinsured motorists

  • Public transportation and commercial aviation accidents

The goal of Jason A. Shartzer’s wrongful death work is to recover a financial settlement or trial award that reflects every kind of permanent loss associated with the accident, including future earnings and funeral expenses. His personal commitment to you leaves nothing to chance.

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