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Motorcycle Accidents Cause Serious Injuries

Motorcycle drivers and riders are exposed to the elements every day–to say nothing of the dangers posed by careless drivers who refuse to yield a share of the open road.

Has this happened to you? Were you forced into a sudden, violent motor vehicle accident by a negligent motorist while you were on your motorcycle? Did you and your passenger sustain life-changing injuries to the brain and spinal cord? Are you struggling to make ends meet while hospitalized and off the job? Did a relative die of fatal injuries in a motorcycle accident.

Those are the painful questions an accident can bring. Here is the good news. Jason A. Shartzer and the Shartzer Law Firm, LLC, in Indianapolis offers attentive, aggressive personal injury representation.

Jason can safeguard your interests during every phase of your personal injury claim: from investigation of the cause and identification of a negligent party to discussions with insurers, and a trial if needed.

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Protecting The Rights Of Indiana’s Injured Motorcycle Accident Victims Since 2003

For more than 15 years, Jason A. Shartzer has earned a reputation for strong negotiation skills during settlement discussions with insurance companies. They know he is never afraid to take cases to court when situations warrant. This courageous posture benefits his clients and results in your case being taken seriously from the very outset.

The firm’s goal in every claim we handle is maximum financial compensation that reflects every accident-related loss–from lost income and medical bills to the cost of replacing a destroyed motorcycle, and inflicted pain and suffering and emotional trauma. These services are always accompanied by a dedication to direct personal service that keeps you informed and gives you hope.

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To learn more about the many ways that Jason helps motorcycle accident injury victims in Indiana, and to schedule your free initial consultation, just call. We welcome email messages and respond to them promptly.

Home and hospital interviews are available upon request. Our contingency fee policy means that you owe our law firm nothing unless we win your case.