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After An Accident, What Are The Next Steps?


After a severe accident, you will no doubt have dozens of questions. At Shartzer Law Firm, LLC, we have the information to help you. Since 2003, founding attorney Jason Shartzer has helped clients in the Indianapolis metro area following major personal injuries. You can come to him for information about what to do and what will happen next.

On this page, you will find a few answers to questions about what to do after an accident. To get further questions answered call us.


What Steps Should I Take After a Car Accident?


Try to follow a few steps after an automobile crash, even if you feel confused:

  1. Seek medical attention.

  2. Get the name and contact information of the other driver.

  3. Get the names and contact information of any witnesses.

  4. Contact the police to file a report.

  5. Take photos of the accident scene and vehicle damage.

  6. Do not speak with any of the other driver’s insurance representatives.


What Should I Say to The Insurance Companies?


Do not give any statements to the other driver’s insurance company, especially not recorded statements. They may use this information against you later when making an injury claim. They may try to get you to say things that sound as if you have fault in the incident. Speak with a lawyer for advice before you say anything to the at-fault person’s insurance representatives.


How Do I File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?


First, discuss your options with a reputable Indiana attorney. Some car crashes do not necessitate a lawsuit and can be settled out of court. If you have an actionable claim, you and your attorney can file the lawsuit with the court in the appropriate jurisdiction. Insurance companies may try to offer a lower settlement than you deserve if you do not have legal representation.


What Are Some Common Damages that I Might Have?


Auto accidents can wreak financial havoc on victims’ lives. Some damages include:

  • Ambulance bills

  • Hospital stays

  • Prescription medications

  • Physical therapy

  • Auto repairs

  • Loss of income

  • Pain and suffering

  • Physical disfigurement

  • Loss of companionship and consortium

To get a better idea of the value of your claim, you should meet with Mr. Shartzer in a free consultation to discuss the details of your situation.


How Will I Pay for A Lawyer?


In personal injury claims, people typically do not pay anything until and unless there is a settlement. This is because the attorney usually works on a contingency-fee basis, meaning they will get paid a percent of your settlement from the other party’s insurance company.


Ask More Questions – Get More Answers


Do you need more information about what to do after a motor vehicle crash? Shartzer Law Firm, LLC, can offer the guidance you need. To schedule your complimentary consultation with Jason Shartzer, call him or send him an email.