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Why Slip-And-Fall Incidents May Require a Personal Injury Claim

On Behalf of Shartzer Law Firm, LLC May 23, 2023

People frequently make assumptions about civil lawsuits that may not actually reflect reality. For example, many people think that a slip and fall is really just embarrassing, rather than a possible source of personal injury. However, business and property owners face claims every year because of premises liability issues.

Premises liability is the theoretical responsibility that a property owner or business could incur if others get hurt while visiting a property. When negligence, such as a failure to maintain facilities, leads to someone slipping and falling, the person who gets hurt could file an insurance claim. Sometimes, they may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit against the business.

Falls Can Lead to Serious Injuries

According to a report from the National Floor Safety Institute, over a million people every year end up in emergency rooms because of a slip-and-fall or same-level fall. Someone does not have to fall from a significant elevation to end up seriously hurt. A person who falls at a store could break a bone on their way to the floor, which could very easily translate to thousands in medical expenses and weeks of lost wages. Perhaps the worst injury possible in a slip-and-fall scenario would result from someone hitting their head. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) might affect someone’s cognition and memory.

A TBI can affect motor function, including fine motor skills and someone’s sense of balance. A brain injury could also lead to sensory challenges, including ringing in someone’s ears or blurry vision. Headaches, nausea, changes in personality and even a long-term dependence on life support equipment are all possible when someone has a brain injury. The cost for medical care alone could amount to thousands of dollars or more when a TBI is serious. Individuals may also become unable to work or may have to change professions. In fact, they may require that a family member also leave their career to provide them with daily medical support.

The combination of lost wages and medical expenses can be enough to necessitate a lawsuit in some cases. Understanding that a slip-and-fall scenario could lead to grounds upon which a victim could file a viable lawsuit can help those who have been hurt to make truly informed choices about taking legal action.