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Why Do Some Grieving Indiana Families File Wrongful Death Lawsuits?

On Behalf of Shartzer Law Firm, LLC Nov. 15, 2023

Unfortunately, families sometimes lose loved ones unexpectedly to tragic but preventable circumstances. Drunk driving crashes, defective products that malfunction and falls at dangerous properties are all examples of situations that might lead to someone dying well before they otherwise would.

People who have recently lost a loved one may organize a memorial service in their honor and erect monuments including tombstones at cemeteries and dedicated benches at a local park. They may also seek justice and a measure of closure in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit filed in the Indiana civil courts.

An emotional loss results in practical consequences

The death of a loved one is a personal tragedy. However, it is also a source of financial and economic hardship. Those left behind have to adjust to life with reduced income and fewer contributions around the home. There will likely be end-of-life medical care costs and funeral expenses to cover as well. A wrongful death lawsuit can help families recoup the financial costs created by someone’s untimely death. Given that insurance is often not enough to fully cover a lifetime of lost wages and the healthcare costs generated before someone’s passing, a wrongful death lawsuit can be a way to defray the burden generated by someone’s untimely death.

The courts can offer closure

Sometimes, Indiana prosecutors can bring criminal charges against people who do something illegal or negligent and cause another person’s death. Sadly, not every wrongful or negligent death results in criminal prosecution. Even when the state does prosecute, plea bargains may reduce the penalties that the courts impose or change the charges that show up during a background check. A successful wrongful death lawsuit in Indiana can give families a sense of justice and closure when the courts declare that an individual or business is directly to blame for the death of their loved one.

Those concerned about the financial implications of someone’s death or hoping for justice when someone dies as a result of another’s actions or inactions may want to learn more about wrongful death lawsuits. Filing a civil lawsuit is a reasonable response to negligence or misconduct that costs someone their life.