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Where Indiana Ranks in Most Dangerous States for Car Accidents

On Behalf of Shartzer Law Firm, LLC Aug. 27, 2019

Based on 15-year accident data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driving on the streets and highways of Indiana may be less life-threatening than in some other states. While Wyoming ranks as the most dangerous state for car accidents, Indiana ranks at number 27 according to the Northwest Indiana Times. States with a greater degree of rural areas typically land at the top of the most dangerous car accident lists.

On average, there are about 13 fatal car accidents per 100,000 people in Indiana each year, but the number of nonfatal collisions is much higher. Many drivers and pedestrians suffering vehicle-related injuries in the Hoosier State may suffer long-term or even lifelong disabilities.

The Role of Gas Prices and Social Media

The National Safety Council suggests that a higher volume of motor vehicle accidents might be a result of lowered gas prices. Generally, commuters are more inclined to drive to work when gas is less costly instead of carpooling or using public transportation. With affordable gas prices, families also tend to take more road trips, which might count as a contributing factor in an increase of crashes.

Another reason noted is the growing popularity of social media. There are an estimated billion photos and videos uploaded every day; it is not hard to imagine how distracted driving may result in a vehicle accident.

Accidents Related to Alcohol Usage

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that more than 25% of Indiana’s motor vehicle fatalities are related to alcohol. Driving while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or any other intoxicating substance is not only illegal, it can also result in death and catastrophic injuries.

A vehicle accident that results in severe spinal or brain injuries may require a victim to seek long-term medical treatment and rehabilitation, which an intoxicated driver may be financially liable for. Drivers found guilty of intoxication may also spend a significant amount of time behind bars if convicted of causing death or serious harm to someone in an accident.