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Tips for Driving Safely Around Motorcycles

On Behalf of Shartzer Law Firm, LLC May 14, 2021

Riding a motorcycle can be particularly dangerous because drivers of other vehicles often do not see motorcyclists or do not take the necessary actions to help keep them safe. Motorcyclists also lack the protection of a vehicle around them. There are several things Indiana drivers can do to help prevent accidents involving motorcyclists.

Visibility and Stability

One of the main mistakes that drivers make is failing to realize how easily a motorcyclist can be in their blind spot. Because they are smaller vehicles, motorcycles can be hard to see. Other errors have to do with drivers not thinking about how different the experience of a motorcyclist is from someone in a car.

For example, someone passing a motorcycle at a high speed and then cutting back in front quickly could create a destabilizing airflow that might make the motorcyclist crash. Similarly, motorcyclists are more affected by bad weather than other motorists, with rain and wind making it much harder for them to stay in control. Drivers of other vehicles should be aware of this.

How Motorcycles Differ

Drivers should also keep in mind that motorcycles do not operate exactly like other vehicles. For example, they can stop more quickly, meaning that being rear-ended is more likely if another vehicle is following closely.

Turn signals do not automatically turn off on older motorcycles, so a driver may follow one for a while before it makes an unexpected turn. Intersections can be particularly treacherous for people on motorcycles. They may T-bone cars or may simply be hard to see.

What might be a minor accident for some vehicles can cause serious injury or even be deadly for motorcyclists. A driver whose negligence causes injuries in an accident involving a motorcycle could owe compensation to the injured individuals. Motorcyclists who are injured in these types of accidents may want to contact an attorney to discuss how they might pursue compensation.