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Study Says More Coffee May Mean More Truck Accidents

On Behalf of Shartzer Law Firm, LLC April 29, 2020

A loved one suffered a serious brain injury in a truck accident here in Indiana, and now you’re wondering if you could file a claim on his or her behalf against the trucking company. A claim is possible if it’s clear that the trucker was negligent, and negligence can manifest itself in a number of ways.

A recent study, for example, says that truckers may be getting into more crashes with the more coffee they drink over the long term. It was conducted by a transport safety lecturer from Leicestershire’s Loughborough University Design School together with researchers at the Virginia Tech Transport Institute.

More Coffee, More Truck Accidents?

Researchers analyzed the behaviors of 3,007 truck drivers chosen from a lot of 11,000. These drivers, who hailed from eight different states, reported that they either drink one cup of coffee a day or more than five cups a day. It turns out that the crash rate was higher among the latter group. Whereas 21.6% of the low coffee drinkers admitted to being in a crash in the past three years, 27.8% of the second group did.

Poor health can also contribute to crashes, and perhaps not surprisingly, the high coffee drinkers were much poorer in health than the other group. They admitted to poor sleep, unhealthy eating and smoking.

What Further Research Might Uncover

The results are not conclusive, of course, but further research may shed more light on this connection. For example, it could uncover the “tipping point” at which caffeine use, in general, becomes unhealthy for drivers. It could also compare the effects of different caffeinated beverages and factor in variables like differences in caffeine consumption between work days and days off.

Attorney for Brain Injury Cases

Under Indiana’s modified comparative fault rule, victims in a personal injury claim can be eligible for damages as long as they are deemed 50% or less fault. To see if your case holds up to this, you may consult a lawyer who focuses on truck accidents and knows how to best negotiate with trucking companies. The lawyer may assist with litigation as a last resort.