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Most Dangerous Roads in Indiana

On Behalf of Shartzer Law Firm, LLC Aug. 13, 2021

Indiana has many counties with curvy and sometimes hilly roadways. These roads can make it difficult to see cars ahead and judge distances when passing another vehicle, and speeding becomes even more dangerous when a bend could cause a car to spin out of control. Hills and curves can be problematic when they cause certain highway spots to become very serious hazardous stretches of road.

A Prime Example of Bad Highway

Certain sections of highway in Indiana have proven to be risky areas according to historical motor vehicle accidents. One particularly deadly roadway section is along U.S. 62/State Hwy 150 near Oaktown where multiple fatal accidents have happened over the years. It is essentially a multi-mile highway where the road curves significantly, forming a “S” curve in a maximum speed limit zone. There are many other dangerous roads in the state.

Indiana Has Some of The Worst Roads in The Nation

Many Indiana residents do not know that the state has been found in studies to be in the top five states for bad roads that produce horrific car accidents. With a significant state population and several metropolitan areas in addition to rural roads, the state highway system has led to numerous fatalities due to highway collisions. The state is experiencing significant infrastructure decay, and the problems being left unaddressed has resulted in serious accidents.

Hopefully for Indiana residents, an infrastructure bill passed by Congress will pinpoint some much-needed dollars for work on Indiana highways. Until that time, it is always best to follow all rules of the road and pay close attention to the area in which you are driving in Indiana. Your life as well as others could depend on it.