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Coping with A Personal Injury After an Automobile Accident

On Behalf of Shartzer Law Firm, LLC Jan. 16, 2020

The full extent of an injury may not be immediately apparent. Sometimes, weeks or months pass before the onset of certain symptoms. Automobile accidents resulting in personal injury require specific legal action to recover costs.

Imagine you sustain a back or neck injury in March as the result of an automobile accident. After several months of healing and physical therapy, you return to work with minimal pain. That is, until the first frost arrives and you wake up in agonizing pain. You already made a quick settlement in August to cover expenses. At that time you were unaware that lower temperatures trigger your pain level each winter. As a result, you must move to another state with warmer winters.

Personal Injury Claims

When in an auto accident, you must file an insurance claim if you sustain any type of personal injury. Depending on the coverage, your claim may receive payment from your carrier. If you carry personal injury protection, it will pay for all accident-related expenses. Otherwise, the responsible party’s insurance company must pay for your claim. If the other driver has no insurance, your insurance company will have to pay for personal injuries. This payment is an uninsured motorist claim.

Personal Injury Limits

The limits of liability within a policy may not be enough to cover your personal injury claim. In that case, a legal liability claim is necessary to cover extra expenses. You must pursue a civil lawsuit to recover your remaining medical and other expenses. Check your policy for your specific coverage limits.

Personal Injury Choices

Settlement through arbitration is an option to avoid a lengthy trial. A reasonable settlement will include your loss of income as well as all medical costs. Take a moment to also consider how your injury may affect you over time. The lingering effects of an accident often include emotional pain and suffering for victims. A trial may be necessary if you and the other party cannot reach a settlement.